Rick Benjamin conducts the Aalborg Symfoniorkester for a silent film event. (Credit: Orla Nielsen)
Rick Benjamin conducts the recording of his reconstruction of the Scott Joplin opera "Treemonisha." (credit: Edward Pleasant)
Rick Benjamin. (credit: Julie Hagenbuch)
Mr. Benjamin conducting at Ravinia.
The Paul Taylor Dance Company's premiere of "Oh, You Kid!" at The Kennedy Center, conducted by Rick Benjamin.
Mr. Benjamin peruses a few of his orchestral discoveries. (credit: Fanfare magazine)
Rick Benjamin's reconstruction of the Scott Joplin opera "Treemonisha."
Rick Benjamin conducting his PRO for a silent film in a historic theater. (credit: Tiffini Scott)
Mr. Benjamin is a leading authority on historic African-American music. (credit: The Rick Benjamin Collection)
Rick Benjamin introduces an audience to the lost world of "sheet music"; 'cellist Alistair MacRae approves. (credit: Hiro Anuki)
Mr. Benjamin conducting a recording session at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York. (credit: Peter Wiley)
Rick Benjamin at home with his 1872 Chickering grand piano and Scarlett.
Conductor - American Music Revivalist

A new feature about Rick Benjamin in America's oldest newspaper. 

A fascinating look at Irving Berlin's "Breakthrough Years"

A stirring tribute to composers of the "silent" cinema

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New World Records NWR 80773-2
Songwriter Irving Berlin (1888­-1989) remains an American cultural icon. His extraordinary genius took him on a journey extending from the birth of the pop music industry (“Tin Pan Alley”), to the stages of Broadway and into the hearts of millions through the mediums of radio, movies, and television. Over six decades, Berlin’s 1,500 songs became the virtual “soundtrack” of 20th century American life.
While Berlin’s classic middle- and late-period works are still known and loved around the world, the music that launched him as “America’s greatest songwriter” in the 1900s and 1910s is now forgotten and largely unavailable. Yet from an historical perspective, these early years are Berlin’s most fascinating and perhaps, most important: through them, Israel Isidore Beilin – an impoverished immigrant who spoke no English and never studied music – transformed himself and the face of American popular song. As “Irving Berlin,” he became an extraordinary commentator on our national life and in a breathtakingly short time was making his own considerable influences upon it.
Ranging from his explosive 1909 arrival as “The Ragtime King” into the dawn of the Jazz Age, the this album highlights Berlin’s songs for vaudeville, revue, and the Broadway stage. Of particular interest are rediscovered scores from Berlin’s first musical – the legendary Watch Your Step (1914). The selections are performed from rare historic orchestrations prepared by Irving Berlin’s own staff of arrangers and orchestrators. The recording is accompanied by a large illustrated booklet giving insights into overlooked aspects of Berlin’s career, including his curious working methods, as well as his brilliant successes as the publisher of his own creations and proprietor of a true, pioneering “entertainment empire.”
Produced by Judith Sherman, the current Grammy Award winning “Classical Producer of the Year,” THIS IS THE LIFE! is sure to delight....
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Rick Benjamin Conducts the Music of George M. Cohan

Overland Park, Kansas U.S.A.
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Rick Benjamin is interviewed by Denmark's TV 2 about his work as a conductor for silent films. Here, Mr. Benjamin leads the Aalborg Symfoniorkester.